Barko Boom Rebuild

Custom Tank Manufacturing

Custom Fabricated Panels

Custom Wood Sauna Stoves

Custom built wood sauna stoves to customers specifications and design.  Wood fired sauna stoves can be built with basket on top to hold rocks, which heat up and store heat that can be released after the fire has burned down. 

High Capacity Bucket Rebuild

Bucket #1

Bucket #2

Bucket #3

Custom Metal Railings

Equipment Lowboy Trailer

Custom built wheel fenders.

Custom Catwalk Systems

Custom Safety Panels

Paint Services

Voyageur National Park Fire Rings

Custom Benches

Elbow Rebuild

Custom Cart

Coal Rex

Dump Trailer

Dump Truck Door Rebuild

Custom Fence

Grizzly Box

Heat Exchangers

Knife Safety Boxes

Louver Panel

Trailer Rebuilds

Custom Trophies

Welding Tables


Fan Assembly


Portable Fire Grills

Cyclone Panel

Custom Fire Rings

Metal Art